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Repair And Grow Kit

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With our Coconut Shampoo 8.8oz, leave-in Coconut Conditioner 8.8oz, Coconut Hair Mask 8.8oz, and 2 Ginger Hair Serum 30ml.  You will have beautiful  healthy hair growing in no time.

Hair growth requires consistency.  

Our deep conditioning mask improves and restores split ends. Untreated split ends can result in hair loss. Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. 

Use this treatment kit regularly to improve dry and brittle Hair.

How to use kit:

Shampoo hair, rinse, apply hair mask from root to end of hair and cover with shower cap, let mask sit for 10-15 minutes, rinse, add conditioner, rinse, gentle massage  oil on scalp. Use Oil every night or every other night.

Use kit 1-3 times per week. Apply essence oil every other night before bed ensure to cover hair with silk/satin bonnet or durag before bed (you can find these in our accessories collection). 5-8 weeks for best results.

To enhance the look and texture of your hair  add our leave-in conditioner at 30% OFF!